How we got started

Water Oak farm is a 23 acre, working farm, in northeast Georgia.  We are family-owned and operated.  We raise a variety of animals including but not limited to horses,  cows, chickens, goats and the occasional pig. Sometimes we even have a ducks, sheep, or a calf or two. Our Bernese Mountain dogs are true to their breed.  They are loyal companions, hard workers, staunch guardians, and gentle playmates.  Our BMD's have an awesome pedigree with a lot of imports from European lines. Some of our pups have 40+ champions and/or titles in their pedigree.  Quite a few of their ancestors are multiple champs. Our dogs are excellent guardians to our horses and family members.   My passion for BMD's started 19 years ago.  I needed a bit of help on the farm.  We raise a moderate precentage of our own food and  I needed a multi-purpose dog to assist me in the everyday work associated with a small farm.  Our dogs are excellent at their jobs.  Not only are they wonderful guardians to our livestock but some of them are also excellent drafting dogs. A few of our girls would help out by pulling the garden cart to and from the barn.  They also help in the garden by pulling the wagon while I am picking vegetables and pulling weeds.  Our girls also love to go with us walking through the neighborhood.  All of our girls liked to have their packs harnessed on and away we go.  They always love to work and look forward to their daily chores. Our sires "Whiskey" (now retired) & "Grascal" are the guardians to our horses. They are both very loving and friendly.  Grascal is always alert and aware of everything in his pastures.  Whiskey has retired now and will be teaching our new upcoming sire sho will now be learning a new job which is to pull the hay cart while I am throwing out hay to the horses.  Since we have several horses this is no small chore.  Our girls are excellent guardians to our mares. They are very kind and gentle.  They love attention and adore swimming in the water tanks.  Most of our Berners are very fond of water and simply love going for a ride with me and spending some quality time.  Our Berners tend to believe that every ride in the truck should end with a stop at the local fast food place for a few chicken strips!!

We also have begun occasionally raising a litter of pups from our beautiful Miniature Schnauzers. We of course health test all of our dogs and post their certificates on our website for you to view before purchasing a puppy from us. We are serious about the health both mentally and physically of our dogs.  Our dogs are fed a varied diet that also includes raw meats, vegetables, and fruits. Our dogs enjoy having the run of our pastures for the big guys and the run of our fenced yard for our little ones. All of our puppies are raised in our home where they are supervised 24-7 to ensure they are getting all they need to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. Our veterinarian comes to our home to examine our pups before they go home to their new families.

Our pups are registered with the American Kennel Club.  All of our Pups and adults are up to date on all vaccinations, dewormings and have been microchipped with an AKC Reunite chip. All of our pups come with a written spay/neuter contract, vet health record, leash & harness, favorite toy, scented towel, and are pre-spoiled for your convenience.    Pups are $2500-$3000 for BMD's and $1500 for Miniature Schnauzers  w/ limited AKC reg. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a pup.   AKC registration will be sent to you once your pup has been spayed/neutered.
We can arrange for shipping at the buyer's expense.  We ship with United Airlines. We can also arrange for personal delivery upon request. Any pup being shipped must be viewed "in person" before we can ship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 706-783-5750 or 706-540-9738.  When calling please leave a message with your name and return phone number stated clearly. We are usually working out on the farm or training during the day so calls are returned in the evenings.