Miniature Schnauzer

Health & Behavior

Belief versus Reality

I built this page to address some of the impossible expectations breeders have from their clients.

I want to keep this page to update questions from families who are looking at getting a puppy for their family or who already have a puppy.

These are things I have found to be true for myself and other breeders for not only Miniature Schnauzers but in some cases other breeds as well.

-Will my puppy be house trained when I pick it up from the breeder?  Probably not.  Most breeders, myself included have started the potty training process but an eight-week-old puppy will on most accounts not be fully potty trained when you pick them up. It is up to you to continue the puppies training to completion. We have found bell training to be the easiest and most effective for our MS pups.

-Will my puppy be fully vaccinated when I pick it up from the breeder?  No.  We have started every puppy on a vaccination schedule but it is up to you to continue with that schedule to completion. 

-*Health testing on the parents does NOT mean your puppy will not have an issue. 

It simply means your breeder has done certain health testing on the adults to look at their medical evaluations. Health testing is a way for breeders to make their best-educated decisions on breeding pairs. One would hope that it would eliminate all possibility of health issues but it simply does not and cannot. For example...If the puppy's parents were tested on their hips and came back with a GOOD rating it DOES NOT mean your pup will have good hips.  You can breed two dogs together with excellent hips and a puppy have dysplastic hips and visa versa. Things like hips, elbows, patellar, heart, eyes..etc.. are all up to nature when it comes to the puppy. We test the adult to hopefully reduce instances of resulting issues but it by no means eliminates the possibility of an issue.

Before you decide to purchase a Miniature Schnauzer PLEASE read, read, read about their dispositions, health conditions both common and uncommon, training requirements, grooming requirements, dietary requirements, socialization, It is all important information that you will need to make an educated decision when choosing your new companion.  Please do not skip this step.  There are so many things that you can learn from your breeder, vet, other owners, and even the internet. Some issues can be hereditary or not.


Miniature Schnauzers like almost every other dog can have common and uncommon health issues these are just a few:

Skin issues (bumps, dry skin, allergies, itchy skin, etc.)

Ear issues (yeast, hair in the ear canal, smelly ears, and chronic ear infections)

Eye issues (cataracts, drainage, Entropia, allergies)

Patellar issues (luxating patellar)

Heart issues

Liver issues (liver shunt)

Food allergies